Podcast | Grootspraak: Hugo Grotius in 2021

Today, Hugo Grotius is mostly known for martial law. This is a pity, because life and work of this great scholar have much more to offer. Bureau Queneau therefore devised the podcast "Grootspraak. Hugo Grotius in 2021" for the Friends of Slot Loevestein Foundation.

On March 22, 2021, it was exactly 400 years ago that Hugo Grotius escaped from Loevestein Castle in a book chest. In honor of this anniversary, the Friends of Loevestein Castle Foundation produced  Grootspraak. Hugo Grotius in 2021, a podcast in which Jort Kelder conducts conversations in the spirit of Grotius. The Foundation wants Loevestein to be a platform for free debate.

At Loevestein, Kelder welcomes eminent guests such as Henri Beunders, Geerten Waling, Lotte Jensen, Grotius biographer Henk Nellen, René Diekstra, Beatrice de Graaf, Meindert Fennema and Afshin Ellian. Topics of discussion include rehabilitation, polemic and exile.

Grootspraak. Hugo Grotius in 2021 was supported by LEAN LAWYERS and Monto Media. PodcastGuru did the production. The music is by Toon Vieijra, Jan van Zomeren designed the logo, and Casper de Gelder and Pieter Willemsen were the editors. The podcast was conceived and supervised by Bureau Queneau.

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Podcast | Grootspraak: Hugo Grotius in 2021

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