Podcast | Grootspraak on Thorbecke

The name Thorbecke mainly evokes associations with constitutional law. But isnĀ“t the significance of this formidable statesman much greater? This is the question that the podcast "Grootspraak on Thorbecke" seeks to answer, on the initiative of Bureau Queneau.

In 2022, it was 150 years ago that the influential statesman Johan Rudolph Thorbecke died. This is why the Friends of Loevestein Castle Foundation created a five-part podcast series: Grootspraak on Thorbecke. The Foundation wants Loevestein to be a platform for free debate.

This series is a sequel to Grootspraak. Hugo Grotius in 2021, focusing on the great scholar Hugo Grotius, exactly 400 years after his escape from Loevestein Castle in a book chest. Jort Kelder is again the presenter, this time assisted by Thorbecke expert Remieg Aerts. Aerts wrote the award-winning biography Thorbecke wil het. Especially for this podcast, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke about the significance of Thorbecke for the Netherlands.

Grootspraak on Thorbecke builds a bridge with Thorbecke’s time and age. Guests include eminent speakers such as Martin Sommer, Dick Berlin, Tim ‘s Jongers and Annelien de Dijn. Themes like the military, meritocracy and the state of (neo)liberalism are topics of discussion.

Grootspraak on Thorbecke was supported by Monto Media. PodcastGuru did the production. The music is by Toon Vieijra, Jan van Zomeren designed the logo and Pieter Willemsen was the editor. The podcast was conceived and supervised by Bureau Queneau.

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Podcast | Grootspraak on Thorbecke