In his book "Exercises In Style", Raymond Queneau showed that you can describe a simple incident in many different ways. But in the media, uniformity prevails. Bureau Queneau goes in search of the other side to a story.

There is a lot of talk these days about the concept of diversity. Remarkably, this seldomly refers to diversity of views, although this is precisely what is essential for a good public discourse. Media play a decisive role in this existing gap.

Journalist H.J. Schoo once described it as “the eternal recurrence of the same thing in the media: the same sources, the same spokespeople, the same ideas, the same angles, the same master narrative.”

Another side to a story

People tend to look for information that confirms their existing ideas. Journalists are no exception to this. This is a problem, because especially they largely share the same background, the same experiences, and the same views. Bureau Queneau wants to contribute to greater diversity in the media with projects, products, and productions. We seek to tell another side to a story in podcasts, books, articles and perhaps even with a foundation. Independently or in collaboration with like-minded people, because many hands make light work.


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